How to Increase Default Thumbnail size for Images on Windows 7

thumbnails_smallThe image thumbnail size in Windows 7 is just small to understand images by looking at the thumbnail. You need to open each image one at a time to see what it is. Instead of opening one photo after another just change the thumbnail image size such that you can make out the images at a glance.

To change the thumbnail image size in Windows 7 you need to do some simple changes to its registry editor. It is recommended that you create a backup of Windows Registry, to know how to back up Registry click here.

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How to Transfer Windows 7 to a Flash Drive the Easy Way

usb_flash_driveWhen you purchase Windows 7 from the Microsoft online store, you will get a link to download ISO image file or compressed files. You can only install Windows 7 on the computer to which you have downloaded the file. In this way you can only install Windows 7 on a single computer but what if you want to install it on other computer or reinstall on the same computer due to some reason.

Having a backup of the ISO file or compressed files on a DVD or flash drive is suggested. Microsoft offers Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool using this tools you can create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive using the downloaded ISO file.

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How to Update Unknown Music Album Info using Windows Media Player

windows-media-player-logoMost of us like to listen to various kinds of music from different kinds of albums. Normally we do have a large collection of music on our hard drive. It will be easy to find a particular file from the collection if we know the name of the album and the track. But not all the tracks and albums have updated album information. Using Windows Media player you can easily update the album information of any unknown albums or tracks present in your collection.

Below is the process by which you can update album info easily

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How to Backup Registry in Windows 7

windows-7-logo1Every application running onĀ Windows operating system will make use of Windows Registry. Windows Registry is a database which stores all the information regarding configuration settings and other options for Windows operating system and all other third party applications installed on it. If you are installing any new hardware or application on the computer, it will make changes to the Registry, it is advisable to have a back up of Windows Registry before you install any new program.

This post will explain you about how to backup Windows Registry in Windows 7 step by step.

1) Click Start button and click Run from the menu (or) press Windows key + ‘R’ key.

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How to Setup Dual Monitors in Windows 7


Windows 7 the latest version of Windows Operating system has come up with many useful features and made using existing features simple. One among them is setting up dual monitors on Windows 7 home or office computer.

There are mainly two ways by which you can setup dual monitors in Windows 7

1) Using shortcut keys on the keyboard

This is the very simple and most preffered option for most of the users.

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