Best Sites/Services to Follow Trends on the Web

The ability to follow trends is handy, especially for web publishers and/or web marketers. Having an idea about what people are saying and/or searching for in the web is valuable as it is the key to running a successful website and there are a few websites and services that helps you in tracking the trends on the web.

Google Trends: Google Trends plays a major role in gauging the trends in the web.  Google Trends displays the major trends happening in the web through a graphical display. It also displays regional and linguistic features along with it. Plus its “Hot Topics” and “Hot Searches” and the recently integrated of real time search feature makes Google Trends one of the standard tools fo checking web trends.

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Quix- All-in-One Bookmarklet Solution

quixFirefox users know how important and it is add bookmarklets to the bookmark bar for easy access of certain functions in the browser. If you are power user or have lots of bookmarks in your bookmark bat then it will take up valuable space. Quix gives you an easy and powerful solution to remove crowd from the bookmark bar and even add certain functions to it.

You can go to the Quix web site and drag and drop the Quix bookmarklet to your browser. Now you need to do some one time settings to get it started and running. All that you need to do is add all your existing bookmarklets to Quix and start using them from Quix.

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5 Must Have Safari Plugins

safari_logoThere are several standard web browsers available today and Safari is one of the popular web browser among Mac and other power users. Although Firefox is favorite of many power users, it is because of its ability to add extra features with the help of add-ons. Now you can also add features to Safari web browser using Safari add-ons.

Here in this post you are going to must have plugins for Safari which enhances your browsing experience and sure to switch you from Firefox to Safari.

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Most Useful Gmail Gadgets

gmail_labsYou might have seen many Gmail gadgets in the Gmail labs feature. You can add or remove any of these lab features or gadgets by enabling or disabling it with a click of a button. There are several other Gmail gadgets available which you can add to your Gmail interface.

These gadgets are very useful and save a lot of time. In order to add these gadgets to your Gmail account first you need to enable a feature in Gmail labs. Go to the Gmail Labs section, now scroll down to the bottom of the feature list, there you will find an option called “add any gadget by URL”. Enable this option and click on “save changes”.

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How to Setup Multiple Home pages in Firefox and IE

firefox_and_ie_logosMozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are the two most widely used web browsers. Most of us like to surf net, people normally open web sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc or other favorite sites every time they use Internet. Normally people will open one site after another which takes time. In other way you can open your favorite sites or most used sites just by opening your web browser by setting multiple home pages.

The tabbed feature of Firefox and Internet Explorer enables us to open multiple sites at once. Using the same point we can set multiple home pages such that all will start when you open browser or press home button. It is very simple to set multiple home pages in Firefox and IE.

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