Tip to extend battery life on Samsung Galaxy S2

Update: You can also extend battery life of android phones/tablets using Juice Defender Battery Saver App.

I recently got Samsung Galaxy S2. It is a really cool phone. I can play Angry Birds on big screen :-) . One of the main problems with this phone is battery drains quickly. It lasts about couple of hours only with few settings on. My iPhone used to last couple of days easily. You know, I don’t want to charge my phone daily.
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How to Lock Specific Keyboard and Mouse Functions on Windows

There are certain times when you would like to lock specific keyboard or mouse functions such as when a toddler is around you or whenever you are cleaning your PC. Locking your keyboard or mouse helps in preventing unwanted buttons from accidentally getting pressed.

Kid-Key-Lock is one such program that enables you to lock specific keyboard and mouse functions. It is easy-to-use and configure. You can lock specific functions such as left mouse button, right mouse button, system key combination, all keys,etc. The following sections will guide you in installing and configuring Kid-Key-Lock.

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