Collection of Google’s Best April Fool Jokes and Spoofs

google_logoGoogle is a popular search engine on internet helping millions of people find content on the web daily. From the start of Google’s services there are been April fool jokes and hoaxes over Google services. Gmail is an email service from Google Inc which has started operations on April fool’s day. There are numerous jokes and spoofs over Google which are hard to believe or considering the ability of Google some are hard to ignore. Some of best collection of Google’s hoaxes are listed in here read and enjoy the way you do always.

April 2009 Google


Google Team has announced CADIE stands for”Cognitive Auto heuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity” on 1st of April 2009 on Google blog. According to this report CADIE is an artificial intelligence program which has knowledge has a normal teenager. This program will help get tips and can also generate Senryu (a type of Japanese poem) based on search queries.

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Mint: Your Personal Finance Manager is a free online personal finance manager and budget planner application. It helps you to keep track of your investments and accounts in multiple intuitions’ from one place. Mint uses bank level security for data protection which is verified by VeriSign, TRUSTe and Hackersafe. With timely email or text alerts Mint makes sure that you are well informed to avoid overdrafts, low balance and information about any unusual charges in your accounts.

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Twitter is a popular social networking site on internet with millions of users. As something gets popular over internet naturally several new applications come up based on that service. To tweetimages_logomake life easy for developers Twitter as released its API to use in applications. Most of them use Twitter image icon as primary avatar in their application, which poses a problem. If the user changes his image on Twitter with different file name then the image link in the application fails to load avatar. To solve this problem Digg PHP guru has created this which always loads correct Twitter avatar of the user.

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Snippage: Create Desktop Web Clip Widgets

snippage_logoWidgets are everywhere now days you can find them in web sites, desktop and in some applications. Widgets are easy to control and create and also help you to stay updated from web. You might have seen and used widgets on Windows Vista operating system but they are all created by others and you have a little control over them other then few settings. But now using Snippage a free AIR based application you can create your own desktop widgets for free. You can create widgets with as many web clips as you want using this application.

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Midomi: Search Music by Singing

midomi_logoMidomi has revolutionized the way people search for music over internet. Just sing, hum or play music using any instrument into your computers microphone and get search results instantly. This is all possible because midomi will analyze the song you sing and matches it with others in its data base. If you do not know the name of song you are currently listening, no problems leave the task to midomi. It is also a social networking site for music lovers and singers. Midomi is constantly growing its music data base by user’s contributions and recordings. It is real fun searching music on Midomi there is also traditional keyboard search just in case.

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