Google Chrome OS: Designed to End Microsoft’s Dominance in Operating Systems?

google-chrome-os-rumorThe impending release of Google Chrome OS has sent rumor mills on over drive and  blog-o-spheres into a tizzy. Together, they are producing a range of previews, even screenshots of a supposed beta version and even a daily build (which was subsequently removed). And the latest buzz is that the Google Chrome OS beta is just a week away from launch.

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OpenOffice to Release an 18 Button Mouse

We all know little computer mouse with two or three buttons with a scroll wheel. Advancement in computer hardware technology is breaching boundaries of engineering and the way we use them in our daily life’s. OpenOffice has announced the release of 18 button mouse somewhere around February 2010. It is developed in partnership with War Mouse and it is said to be used by OpenOffice fans and gamers next month.


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