LogMeIn for iPhone/iPod touch to Remote Control Your PC/Mac

log-me-in1Saying that the very idea of the LogMeIn Ignition for the iPhone is smart is quite an understatement. Any app that turns your iPhone into a remote controlling device manager for your PCs back home is something more than smart.

The way it works is simple, you need to launch the app and connect to your computers over, ideally the Wi-Fi (alternatively, 3G). You need to first create a LogMeIn account at the LogMeIn website, download the LogMeIn software to your PC and Mac. Then Download the LogMeIn Ignition application from the App Store to your iPhone/iPod touch. Now log in from your iPhone/iPod touch and start controling your PC/Mac.

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How to Rename Music Files from iTunes

itunes_logoIf you have transferred music from your iPod/iPhone to your computer, you might have noticed that all the file name and album information related to the files is changed or displayed in unrecognized manner. This might also happen because there might not been any information added to the files earlier leading into total confusion and not able to find album or song you are looking for easily.

iTunes enables you to add or change information related to a track or album with just few clicks and keystrokes. If you are not familiar with the process of renaming or changing information of a track, continue reading to know how.

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How to Organize iPhone Apps with iTunes

iphoneApple has released a new refined version iTunes 9 with new and improved features. All iPhone users have to agree that managing applications on iPhone using iTunes is not easy. But this is thing in the past, in iTunes 9 there is app management feature to manage and organize applications on iPhone via iTunes. This user friendly feature allows you to add or remove applications as simple as drag and drop and also help syncing between iPhone and iTunes.

Let’s get started

First you should download and install the new iTunes 9 on your computer and launch it. Make sure that your iPhone OS is also updated to OS 3.1 for a smooth and effortless syncing with iTunes 9. Once you are ready with the latest software’s both on your computer and iPhone, connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

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Free iPhone Apps to Download and Read eBooks

iphone1Reading books give lots of pleasure and help to improve knowledge your knowledge. If you have an iPhone then you can read eBooks directly on the device. Double your iPhone as an eBook reader to read eBooks anywhere anytime as you like. You do not have to buy any expensive eBook readers to read digital documents. There are several applications available to download and read eBooks directly on iPhone.

Here are some of the best and free iPhone applications to download and read eBooks.

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