Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in USA (unlocked or with contract)


Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally available for preorder from all major wireless carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular. You can buy it with contract and also unlocked phone without contract. If you buy with contract, you need to wait for some more time to be shipped it to you though.

Cheap Galaxy S3 – Quick Answer
Amazon has Samsung Galaxy S3 for Free with contract depending on the carrier. Available from most carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc

Amazon has unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 starting from $540. Please check the site for updated pricing.

Detailed Answer
Samsung Galaxy S3 with 2yr contract
AT&T has it for pre order in both marble white, pebble blue colors. It also has exclusive red version. It costs $199.99 with 2 yr contract. AT&T Data plans start at $20 for 300 MB to $50 for 5GB. There is no unlimited data plan. Pre Orders started from June 6th. AT&T will start shipping it from June 18th.

Verizon has 16GB for $199.99 & 32GB for $249.99 with 2 year contract. Will start shipping from July 9th. Data plans start from $30 for 2GB to $80 for 10GB. If you already unlimited data plan on your existing contract, it seems you can continue to keep grandfathered unlimited data plan if you pre order galaxy s3 now.

T-Mobile has it available from June 21.

Sprint has the same pricing. You might be able to get it by June 21.

US Cellular has it for pre order from June 12

All these have 4G LTE data speeds with ICS (Ice cream sandwich) Android 4.0

Samsung Galaxy S3 without Contract
AT&T has it for $549.99 without 2 yr commitment.

Verizon has it for $599.99 for month-to-month without 2yr contract.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlocked
Amazon has unlocked galaxy s3 starting from $689. Please check site for updated pricing.

eBay also has unlocked phones starting from $680. As prices change daily, please check eBay site for updated pricing.

Are you buying Samsung Galaxy S3? How are you planning to get unlimited data plans?

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