Where to buy iPad Air for discount in retail stores or online


Apple’s iPad Air is available for sale starting from November 1st. iPad Air is the thinnest tablet yet to date. If you are looking to upgrade or buying iPad for the first time, You can get it for discount now.

iPad Air 16GB WiFi model generally sells for about $500. But You can get it for $480 now at Target, Walmart, Staples. You don’t need to use any discount code or coupon code.

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Where to buy iPad Air for discount in retails stores or online

1. Target
Target has iPad Air on Sale for $480. If you use Target’s Red Card, You will get 5% off discount more, It costs about $456, total discount of $44.

2. Walmart
Walmart has 16GB WiFi iPad Air for $479.99. That’s $20 discount.

3. Staples
Staples has iPad Air for sale for $480. You don’t need to do any Price Match.

4. BestBuy
BestBuy has iPad Air for $499.99 but You can get price match with Walmart or Target iPad Air Price. You need to go to BestBuy Store to get a price match. You will need to show Walmart or Target Ad for $480.

5. Apple Retail Store & Staple Stores
Apple Retail Stores are matching the Price of Walmart or Target. You can get iPad Air for $480.

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