Browse News Quickly with Google fast flip


One of the recent novelties to come out of the Google Labs is the Google fast flip. Though not one of those Google innovations that will make you jump off your chair, Google fast flip has its own set of features and utilities that promises to change your experience of reading news online.


As the phrase “fast flip” suggest, this web app lets you “flip” through. You will get an almost print like feel as yo will flip through the pages of the latest issue of, well, may be Business Week.

Cool enough.

Features: Display wise, it is a blend between the Google Books and the Google news and includes the following features:

1. It layers out the content in four neat groups “Sections”, “Topics”, “Sources” and “People”. Each of these are expandable/collapsible. They can also be placed up and down.

2. Each of these sections contain news under tabs like “Politics”, “Business”, “Travel” “Health”, “Opinion” etc. Under “Popular” you also have features like “Recent”, “Most Viewed”, “Recommended” and “Headlines”.

3. You can also see the list of the pages you have seen browsing previously with a simple mouse-over on the left. You can also go back to the main page with just the click of a mouse- over there. Pretty neat.

4. Unlike the Google News, the Google Flip gives you options to “share”, “send” or “like” a story. Then it takes cues from how many times a story has been shared etc and ranks them accordingly.

5. You need to be listed with Google to get published in the Google Fast Flip.

In short, Google Flip is the creamy layer of Google News. At least as of now. However, it’s pretty much a futuristic project as the Google CEO Eric Schmidt”s would like you to believe.


Note: The guys at Google have also created a mobile version of the Google Fast Flip. You can access the Fast Flip from your iPhone or Android phone. However, the mobile version is not that cool yet as the screen space does take away a bit of the aesthetic advantage.


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