Best Websites to Download Free Music


free-music-downloadSome of us cannot quite go through a day without some dose of music. And unless, you keep buying music albums, or have some of your friends in the music industry, you will soon exhaust the stock of music in your computer, phone and even your iPod.  For those kind of people, a huge repository of free and totally legal music is just about as good as it gets. The following, therefore, is a sneak peek into the world of hundreds and thousands of free and fully legal music.

The Biggies:

1. iTunes: Any list about free music has got to start with Apple’s iconic iTunes. The world’s biggest online music store does put of a host of free offers, especially from upcoming artists. The only problem is that their list is a bit country specific. You might not get all the goodies in all the countries.

2. Well, the world’s biggest e-retailers too have a section on free music and you might jolly well like to wrap it up. Amazon is giving away one free song everyday till the Santa arrives on December 25th. A jolly cool (and teaser) deal for you to check out.

3. Last.Fm: Well, if you are looking to scourge through an enormous repository of  songs across all perceivable genres- from classical to Indie, to hiphop and even some of the oldies for free, this is where you should be. also provides you music suggestions based on your taste.

The Treasure Trove:

1. Free Music Archive: This site is created by WFMU, the Jersey City radio station, financially supported by the New York State Music Fund and curated by people from other radio stations and labels. The site, therefore, attracts a host of musicians and you can find a huge lot of staff,  many of which are refreshingly new, across the following 15 genres.


2. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive: As part of its grand aim of collecting diverse and rich content across the web, the Internet Archive’s Audio Archive section has more than 50,000 free tracks available including classics like Grateful Dead concerts and old radio classics.


3. Jamendo: Jamendo does provide a pretty delicious jam. It provides free music under the Creative Commons and Free Arts licenses and hosts more than 20,000 albums across multiple genres. Musicians tend to flock to this platform and allow you to download their works for free. Explore some real off-beat, off-the track and beautiful music at Jamendo.


4. Amie Street: One of the best sites for aspiring musicians as well as for those who are looking for quality new music. The concept lies in providing an innovative bidding model. It posts new tracks from new artists for free. However, as the number of their downloads go up it starts to charge more and more for every single download. So not much luck, if you are looking for established and/or depend upon the word-of-the mouth cycle from your friends. However, if you are in the look out for a host of new sounds (and may be, has some spare time), Amie Street is a veritable treasure trove for you.


5.  CC Mixter: Download and Create. This site offers a shade over 10,000 songs for free download and then asks you to remix them and create your own brand of sound through remixing them from the available on-site tools. Great if you you have a passion for really original staff.


6. Dizzler: Dizzler provides a host of free tracks in the rock and pop genre. Plus it also provides free download of the Dizzler music player. Dizzler is structured in the way of a social music platform. Therefore, you also get to see what other people are listening at that particular moment. A particularly nifty feature.

And finally, the garage:

You often find the best of the gems (for any walk of life) from the garage. Taking the cult of the garage further, why not give the Garagae Band a shot? As its name goes, the Garage Band is a platform for promoting aspirant bands through a network of social reviews. Theerfore, it really is a place to find the off-beat and pick up the odd gems.


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