Best Special Fx Effects iOS Apps to Edit Videos


I have a YouTube Channel. I edit videos with special fx effects to make better movies to upload to YouTube. There are lot of iOS apps you can use to add Hollywood style special fx effects. I use these iOS Special FX apps all the time.

You know It is hard to find good apps. Discovering good apps is big problem. These are some of the apps I use to add special fx to videos.

Best Special FX Effects iOS apps

1. VideoramaVideorama is a beautiful video editor app similar to iMovie. It does not have many special fx effects. But I like it because You can add fx effects after you have taken the video.

videorama explosion video fx

It has Starter FX effects like Rain, Confetti Rain, Snow, Electric Sphere ( I use this for magical appearance of things in the video), Tornado, Fire (This is my favorite), Balloons, Hearts etc.

It also has Explosion Fx effects like Fire Explosion, Gas Explosion etc and Magic Spells. You can edit video to get magic spells coming out of your characters hands etc.

You can also apply Filters to your videos to make videos fade, instant, noir, chrome etc. I use Chrome Filter effect to make things brighter in the video.

2. Action Movie FXAction Movie Fx is one of the most popular video special fx apps. It has lot of special effects including Star Wars with BB 8, Parasite, Dragon Fire, Star Trek Effects, Chopper Down, Tornado, The Jet, Spider Strike etc.

action movie fx star wars ios

I used Giant Spider Strike and Star Wars effects. It is a very easy to use app. You can preview the effect and adjust the timing of FX.

3. Creatures FXCreatures FX is another popular app to add special fx to your videos. It has few free special fx effects including T-Rex Dinosaur effects, Tiger FX, Dancing Cow, Chicken Fx etc

creatures fx special fx ios

Other FX include Dinosaur Stampede, Elephants, Dinosaur Battles, Weather, Robots, Animals. Fantasy, Explosions and Combat etc

You can save videos to photo library. You can adjust timing of the FX etc. I used Dinosaur FX effects easily to create Dinosaur Stampede scene etc.

4. Fx GuruFX Guru is another popular video editing app for special fx effects. It has more than 90 special fx effects ranging from Hollywood style horror to sci-fi.

fx guru special fx video editing

Horror Effects include ghosts, skeletons, zombies etc. SciFi effects include Robots, UFOs etc. It also has Weapons, Disasters, Animals, Vehicles, Animals special fx effects.

5. Super Power FxSuper Power Fx is another app that lets you add Super Hero FX effects to your videos. It has one Free Power Fx for you to try.

super hero power fx special fx

FX effects include Laser Canon, Fireball, Appearance with Power Landing, Teleport, Lightning Strike, Avalanche etc

Bonus FX app is Iron Hud Iron Man Fx app. This is an Augmented Reality Iron Man Heads Up Display app. This is very fun to create Iron Man special fx. You can even just play with it just launching missiles etc.

Whats your favorite fx app? Please share in the comments below…

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