Best Sites to Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


google_lensTo get you website to the top list in the search results you need to optimize it according to the search engines. The process involved is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many websites where you can learn SEO online. But all the sites do not provide you with the techniques and skills you require to become a successful Search Engine Optimizer. There are only a few handful of sites where in you can learn basics and advanced techniques involved in SEO.

Many of these sites update information according to the latest Search Engine strategies and blogs in these sites cover the latest trends in the industry. From the blogs you can also learn guidelines and share others experience. Here are some of the best sites where you can learn SEO online.



This is one the best site and most recommended sites by many experienced Search Engine Optimizers. In this site you can learn most of the things that you need. Blogs in this site cover most of the latest happening and experience of persons in the field where you can learn about SEO by real experiences. Beginners can make the most of from the blogs and SEM guidelines present in this site.

SEO Book


SEOBook is one another good site to learn about SEO. This site has a decent and well designed structure where you can learn all the important aspects that you require in SEO. You can learn about keyword research, link building, tracking results, etc., from one place. In this site you can also know about the tools used in SEO and about the best tools that you need to use for a decent SEO work. Blogs and interactive community form will help you more with the latest upgrades and can exchange you experience with others.

Search Engine Land


This site is found by the most renowned person in the field of SEO Danny Sullivan. As a famous person in this field Danny Sullivan works with search engines and has a huge network of SEO’s and developers. All these experienced persons will constantly add new posts about latest techniques and skills need in this business.

Google’s Webmaster Central


Google is one of the top Search Engine that we know today. Google has made some general guidelines for webmasters; in these guidelines you can also see a topic for SEO. By reading this topic you can learn all the basics that you need for SEO, you will have complete understanding about SEO and how it works. Also look at the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF file for more information.



This site is contains tutorials for most of the programming languages and other useful material. SEO tutorial in this site is well designed and easy to understand. With the help this tutorial you can know all the basic knowledge that you need for SEO. The tutorial is divided into three parts SEO basics, On-page and Off-page SEO. You can also know about tools involved and get other help that you need with the help of the form.


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