Best Sites to Find Houses for Rent


house_for_rentFinding a home to rent in a new place or city can be a hard task sometimes or say most of the times. Internet had many things simple like finding to make our lives happy. You can use internet to search and find a home sitting in front of the computer screen with a simile face. Real estate market all over the world is growing and many new homes are popping up just waiting for you to buy or rent.

There are many real estate web services willing to offer a free hand to help you find a house for rent. Here are some of the best sites where find a home/apartment for rent. All that you have to do is type in the ZIP code or location name to know potential houses for rent.


Most of the people looking for home to rent visit this site first hand. Many house owners like to list their property in this site to advertise it to potential customers online. This site offers rental services to find a best place for you to leave in comfort the budget range and locality you are looking for. It also offers other services like finding a roommate, furniture rentals, renters insurance and many more.



Rentalads is one another popular site to find houses for rent. Both renters and landlords can benefit from this site alike. The search function in this site helps you to customize your search by location, price range, property type, lease option, etc. Apart from US cities and states it also offers International Rental Properties, in case you are looking for house for rent in other listed countries.



MyApartmentMap should be your first search preference if you are looking for house to rent in any popular US cities. It features Google Map mashup so that you can look at the surrounding of any listed property. This way you will have a change to look at the surroundings of your potential new home before hand. It also lists additional information about the property, pet friendly status, rent range, etc.



RentalSource is like a normal rental listing service, features like roommate finder, rental advertise, property management and moving center makes it special. Using this site you can look for house for rent by state, city, property type and price range. If you like to look at the photo of the house then you can limit your search by looking at lists with photos.



RentBits is one another popular rental portal. It lets you find properties for rent throughout the US with ease. Perform your search based on the location, price range and number of bedrooms you are looking for. There is an option for you to look view the location around the property on Google Maps with a click. You can also broaden your search by total area and amenities of the house you are looking for.


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