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laptop-reviewsLaptop computers are slowly but surely taking the place of desktop computers. Because of their small size and equally powerful capability and extreme mobility make them favorite computers. As the technology and innovation in the field of computers improving day by day, so do laptop computers. Here is a very important point to remember, not all the latest technology is good or best.

If you are planning to buy a new laptop computer first you need to know what your requirements are. Then you need to research the market and analyze or test things to satisfy your needs. Testing many different laptop computers is not always possible. So you can read reviews of various laptops to know their performance and capabilities.

There are various sites where in people test various components and capabilities of laptop computers and give detailed review about the machine. In some sites developers also suggest models of laptops to suit your needs and budget better. Below are some most popular laptop review sites where in you can read reviews from experts and users. Most of these sites cover laptops that are released newly in the market.



CNET is ranked in 10 ten most visited websites in the world. This website is popular for downloads, latest news and reviews. CNET posts reviews about various electronic gadgets and software’s. To find reviews about laptops go to reviews section and click on laptops.

Every laptop is thoroughly reviewed by the editor right from its performance to the performance of the battery. Even the looks of notebook are also included in review. To get a quick idea about the notebook editor has included snapshots of good and bad points and specifications in product summary.

You can also see editors and users rating for a particular laptop and also price range. Detailed specification of the computer is also included in the review to give the user overall view about the laptop. Also find product reviews according to make or brands and top laptop suggestions.

Notebook review


Notebook review is other site which is completely dedicated to give you reviews about various electronic gadgets like laptops, digital cameras, etc. Editors in this site review laptops in totally different perspective. They cover all most every aspect about the machine right from its looks to its performance. Even small points like heat generated, display quality, sound, etc., are also analyzed in depth.

You can also see reviews and opinions from users and get information about its price. Where to buy section in this site really helps you to get cheap deals and also help you to find nearest locations to buy the product for best deal.

Laptop Logic


This is one another best site to read reviews about laptops and other gadgets. Developers of this site try to review all possible new laptops in the markets so you can know which one suits your need best. Editors review pattern is very simple and easy to understand. They cover each features of notebook separately to give you a clear understanding. In the summary editor includes pros and cons of the machine clearly.

Read reviews according to brands or choose from top laptops. You can also find review articles about laptop accessories which help you to buy the best and useful things.

PC World


PC World is one another best site to read reviews about any electronic gadget. Reviews in this site are short but cover all important points that you need to know. PC World conducts lab tests to check the performance of the machine. They use various bench marks and software’s to test the performance of laptop. In the specification section you can see full specs of the system.

In the user reviews various users can share their experience and reviews about the laptop. Similar laptop section helps you to find other laptops which have similar specifications and functions.

Notebook Check


Notebook Check reviews most of the popular laptops from various brands. Review articles in this site will give you a clear picture about the notebook in few lines. There is not much technical explanation so most of normal users can understand its potential and functions it can perform.

Laptop Mag


Every laptop that is listed in this site is thoroughly reviewed and tested. Every minute detail in notebook is tested according to standards and results are published in review articles. Reading review articles in this site is like testing laptop for yourself. To read full review of a laptop browse through various pages covering various aspects. This site also hosts review articles of various other electronic products and help you to buy products at best deals.



How Stuff Works is one of the famous how to site explain tons of things in this world. This site is dedicated to help consumers buy best and educate about products. In the computer section of this site you can find review about laptops when you click on laptop link.

Reviews in this site are short and simple, explaining all things that a normal consumer need to know before buying. These review articles tell you all about the laptop looks, performance, special features and capabilities it have. There is also a price compare features which helps you to buy the same product at cheaper price.

Computer Shopper


This is one another site where in you can read complete review about a laptop. Like most other sites you can see pros, cons and key specs in summary which gives you a rough idea. In the detailed review editor reviews every aspect in the laptop. By reading this review you will know what are the features that are useful to you.

In this site you can also find review and shop many computer related products like webcams, software’s, printers, etc., and also get best deals on the products. Developers of this site try to review all the latest gadgets that are available in the market. So by checking this site once before buying any electronic products will be a wise choice.


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