Easy ways to silence/mute android phone any time


You may want to silence your android phone occasionally when you are in meeting or at night time. It is embarrassing If your android phone rings or makes unwanted sounds If you are in the class or meeting. There are quite a few android apps for everyone’s needs.

You can mute the ringer for incoming calls just using the lock button on most android phones. But sometimes, it is handy not to let the ringer ring or stop ringer sound quickly.

How to silence or mute android phone manually
SilentMode OnOff: If you just need a simple toggle widget to make your phone ringer silent manually, this android app is all you need. This is a light weight android app. It works on most android phones with android version later than 1.5.

Mute: This android apps lets you mute all sounds including ringer, media, notification etc except alarm. You can mute all sounds with a single click whenever you need it. You can return back to previous sound profile you had by turning it off.

How to silence or mute android phone quickly
If you forget to make your android phone silent, you may want to mute it quickly using gestures instead of unlocking phone and looking for the app to mute sounds. This is especially useful if you are in class, meeting or movie theater etc.

RD Mute: You can face down or turn over android phone or swipe over the phone screen to mute phone. You can disable silent mode for certain phone numbers. It has few extra features including led flash notification, car mode option etc. It sends sms automatically If you are driving car etc. This android app seems to use more battery as per the comments on the Google Play Store page.

Flip Silent: This android app lets you turn off incoming call ringer by flipping the phone. You can flip the phone irrespective of whether phone screen orientation.

How to silence or mute android phone on schedule or at night
You can also silence android phone based on your schedule like in the meetings or at night time depending on your weekly schedule.

Silent Time: This android app lets you silent android phone automatically based on your weekly schedule. You can schedule multiple start and end times. For example, You can set it to mute at night times. It also has option to allow certain important phone numbers to go through. It has quick quiet widget to make your phone silent quickly during meeting or class etc.

Ring Scheduler: You can turn on airplane mode or silent mode automatically for multiple schedules. It has start time only.

If you have Tasker android app, you don’t need yet another app to make your phone silent. You can use Tasker for other purposes also.

All above android apps work on most phones including Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus, HTC One X, Motorola Droid etc.

If you are looking to mute full battery charge notification on certain Samsung Galaxy phones like S2, you can read about it here.

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2 thoughts on “Easy ways to silence/mute android phone any time

  1. Another good app for changing the volume is Audio Mode Switcher There you can do everything according to automatically switching the audio-profile in one App.
    You can define a weekly schedules to switch to a given profile. You can schedule multiple start and end times (i.e. when you go to sleep etc.).
    It also offers a calendar integration, where you can choose to switch to a certain mode at a defined event. These events can be chosen according to their calendar and/or keyword based – I think this is very useful i.e. I can mute the phone if the word “cinema” is in the title and mute at all events in my work-calendar.
    Furthermore location-based switching is also possible. However, this only works well if the locations are not near by. Nevertheless it is a nice feature.

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