4 apps to stream videos/photos/music/youtube to Roku from android Nexus/iPad/Kindle Fire


You have a Roku Player and android phone or android tablet or iPad or Kindle Fire HD. How can you stream media like videos, photos, songs to Roku from smartphone or tablet wirelessly? Can you send Youtube videos to Roku player to watch them on HD TV? Yes, you can do these. Roku does not have AirPlay like functionality. But you can use Roku private channels & android apps, iOS apps to airplay media via WiFi.

You don’t need to connect any cables, install any software on your computer. You just need android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Kindle Fire and Roku. You can stream media using WiFi.

How to airplay media/YouTube to Roku from android/Nexus 7/10, iPad/iPhone, Kindle Fire wirelessly
a. Twonky Beam:
Twonky Beam lets you stream your media on tablet or phone, popular video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh etc to your Roku Player. You can also stream videos, music, photos from computer to Roku If you have any dlna server like XBMC, Windows Media Player, Plex Media Server etc installed on your computer.

1. Download and Install Twonky Beam on your phone or tablet.

- Twonky Beam android app for android phones & tablets like Nexus 4/7/10, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3 etc.
-Twonky Beam app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini
- Twonky Beam android app for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7″/8.9″

2. On your computer or tablet or phone, Go to Add Channel page on Roku Website. You need to login with your Roku username & password. Enter channel name “mytwonky” and click Add Channel

3. On your TV, Go to Roku Home Screen > Channel Store > Roku Home Screen again. Roku will download & install Twonky channel now.

4. On your phone or tablet, open Beam app and select the media you want to beam and select Roku Player.

Thats it. You should be able to stream any video on the Internet as long as it is compatible with Roku Player. You will see Beam on the video you can beam. You can watch YouTube videos on Roku. This is a big plus as Roku does not have any YouTube channel. You can also browse and use your tablet or phone while Roku plays your selected media.

You can stream local media from your device to Roku by going to This Device section on your tablet or phone. Twonky Beam has queue feature. You can queue media you want it to play. You can manage queue also. Twonky works with most of TVs, media players, music players including Samsung TVs, Sony, Panasonic etc, Onkyo, Sono, Yamaha, Apple TV etc. Full list of devices is here

b. PlayTo:
PlayTo lets you stream local content on the device & content on the Internet to Roku. It supports more web sites including YouTube, YouKu, Blip, Daily Motion etc. Full features require you to buy paid app.

1. Download & Install PlayTo app on to your android phone or tablet or Kindle Fire HD. PlayTo does not seem to support iOS devices.

-PlayTo Lite android app for android phones & tablets like Nexus 4/7/10, Galaxy S2/S3. Lite version has restriction with number of channels that can be played. Buy full version PlayTo Universal for $5

-PlayTo from Amazon AppStore Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD

2. On your Roku, Go to Channel Store and add PlayTo channel.

3. Open PlayTo android app on your android device to stream videos, photos, songs to Roku Player. This android app also works other AirPlay enabled devices like Apple TV or DLNA or UPnP devices TVs like Google TV, Samsung, Sony, LG and other devices like Blu-Ray players, WD TV, Yamaha, Onkyo, Logitech etc.

c.Juice for Roku
Juice for Roku lets you stream media from your android tablet or Kindle Fire to Roku Player. You can also stream media from Internet. It has demo version that sends first song or photo on the list to Roku. Only major drawback is it does not seem to support YouTube.

1. Download and Install Juice for Roku android app.

-Juice for Roku Demo for android phones & tablets. Juice for Roku paid version for $3.

-Juice for Roku for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD devices

2. On your Roku Player, Go to channel store and add Juice channel. You can also add it by going here

3. Launch Juice for Roku android app to send media to Roku player.

This android app lets you stream media to Roku player only. You can stream music, video playlists. You can play slideshows for your Photos.

d. Roku
This is official android app by Roku. Roku android app lets you control your Roku player and send photos & music to it. It does not support videos. You can’t stream videos using this app. It works on Roku 2, Roku LT, Roku HD, Roku Streaming Stick devices. It does not work on old Roku models.

1. Download & Install Roku android app

-Roku android app for android tablets.
-Roku for Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD

2. Launch Roku android app on your android device and login to your Roku account. Go to Play On Roku tab to stream music and photos from your android phone or tablet to Roku Player.

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