AirDrop Alternatives for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4


iOS 7 has new feature called AirDrop. With AirDrop, You can transfer photos, videos, contacts to the person standing next to you. You don’t need to ask for their email or use text message to send it. This feature is available on iPhone 5 or later.

If you have older iOS device like iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 etc, You can still use iOS apps to send documents, photos, videos etc to other iOS devices or Computer. But the other person needs to have the same app. Thats the only disadvantage. If you own more than one iOS device like iPhone, iPad etc, These apps are really useful.

AirDrop alternatives for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4

1. Photo Transfer App
Photo Transfer App iOS app costs $2.99. You can easily transfer photos, videos from your iPhone to iPad or to your friends iOS device easily. You can select and transfer multiple photos, videos easily over WiFi. If you have companion software installed on PC or Mac, You can easily transfer photos, videos between any iOS device between PC or Mac. This app have very good reviews on App Store.

This app works with iOS 5 or later. So it works on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad etc.

send receive photos videos like airdrop for iphone 4s, iphone 4

It is integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive etc. You can purchase these plugins separately.

2. FileDrop
FileDrop iOS app costs $0.99. You can transfer documents, photos via WiFi. It is simple app and works beautifully. If you install companion desktop software on Windows or Mac OS X, You can even transfer photos, files from your iOS device to your Computer wirelessly.

filedrop airdrop alternative for iphone 4s iphone 4

AirDrop also offers support for transferring contacts, passbook etc. You can share contact using message or mail from your iOS device to another iOS device.

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