How to add Text or Image Logo to Videos using iOS App for YouTube


If you have a YouTube Channel, One of the things you must do to make your brand visible is to add logo to your videos. You may want to add logo all your videos. This way, You can increase your brand awareness. Also If someone copies your video, It is easily detectable just by looking at the video.

I use iMovie iOS App to make movies to upload to YouTube Channel. If you noticed, iMovie iOS App does not have any good way to add text or image logo to your videos. There are few ways like Picture In Picture (PIP), but it does not work properly. You can’t resize or make overlay video smaller etc.

How to Add Text Logo or Image Logo to Videos using iOS App

Fortunately, There are few good tools out there to do this easily. One of my favorite apps for video editing, other than iMovie iOS App, is Videorama. You can add text logo or picture logo using Videorama iOS app easily.

1. Download Videorama iOS App

2. Open the app and select your video to create movie project.

3. Tap on “Add Text” to add text logo. Tap on Image to add Image logo. Move the text or image around to display it where ever you want. You can resize it too.

add image or text logo to videos using ios app

You can adjust duration for how long you want to display the logo. Select Max to display it for the entire video. Tap Share to export the movie to your Photo library.

Thats it. You can easily add any text including multiple texts or images to your videos.

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