How to access run command in Windows 8 quickly – pin to taskbar or start menu


Windows 8 is full of changes with Start Menu. You have to access everything through the Charms Bar unless you customize all the things you access most often. One of things we access most often is run command in the desktop mode. You can run or access most programs including command prompt etc using run command.

You can access run command by searching for “run” in the Charms Bar. It would be annoying to search for run app or program if you use it all the time.

How to create shortcut for RUN command in taskbar or tile
1. Move your mouse to top right corner or swipe from left to get to Charms bar. Search for “run”. You will see run command in the search results. Right click on the run or swipe from top to get to the menu.

2. Tap or click on the “Pin to Taskbar” to pin the run command to the taskbar. You can see it next Windows Explorer in the taskbar in the below image.

3. You can also Pin to Start Menu as tile If you want to access it from Start Menu. You can move run command tile on the Start Menu after you pin it.

You can also bring back old start menu in Windows 8 easily and keep the new Windows 8 Start Menu too.


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