How to access PC from nexus 7 android via wifi or bluetooth


If you are looking for an android app that you can use to control your computer from your android phone or tablet like Nexus 7, you are in luck. You can control mouse, keyboard wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth. You can access enter PC including windows explorer, photos, videos etc.

This is like a remote for your PC. You can control & access your computer over WiFi. If you are in your couch and want to control your desktop or laptop, this is exactly what you need. I have a spare laptop connected to TV, I watch YouTube videos like Olympics etc on it. I can control mouse & keyboard from my Nexus 7 sitting on the couch.

If you are presenting slides using Power Point slides, you can control slides remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth. Bluetooth option is useful If WiFi network is not available.

If you want to access your computer remotely from anywhere, you can use remote pc apps to access your computer.

How to access PC from android phones or tablets like Nexus 7
Unified Remote is a free android app to access & control your pc. You can control mouse, keyboard, programs like windows media player, VLC player, YouTube, Spotify etc.

1. Install Unified Remote server application on your computer. You may need to install .Net Framework 4 first if you don’t have it. After installing server application, start it on your computer.

2. Install Unified Remote on your android phone or tablet.

3. Open the app on your android device. It will auto detect the computer. You can control computer now using Basic Input like mouse & keyboard or Keyboards in different languages like German, Russian, Swedish etc. You can acces windows start menu, Window Media Center, Power options etc

Unified Remote Full is a paid version & costs $4. Paid version has more remotes. You can control NFC actions, iTunes, Chrome, Firefox, NetFlix, Hulu, XBMC etc.

This app works with android version 1.5 and later. So it should work with Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean versions. It also works most android phones including Samsung Galaxt S2, S3, Motorola Droid Razr, HTC One X, Transformer etc

What app are you using to remote control PC from your android phone or tablet?


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