5 ways to launch Camera from android lock screen quickly


Did you ever miss a moment while trying to unlock your android phone and launch Camera app? It takes couple of seconds If you try to unlock phone and access Camera. iPhone has a shortcut on the lock screen to access Camera directly.

Android version 4.2 or later have option Lock Screen widgets. You can place widgets like Camera, other app shortcuts on the Lock Screen to access them directly. Phones like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, LG G2 run android 4.2 or later. So those phones have option to enable shortcut for Camera. If you are here, You might not have android 4.2. You can easily add quick launch shortcuts to earlier android versions also.

How to launch Camera app quickly from Android Lock Screen for any Android Phone

1. Twisty Launcher – Hand Gestures
Motorola’s latest android phone Moto X has hand gesture to access Camera quickly. With Lock Screen on, You need to hold your android phone and flick it to left twice to launch the Camera app. This same gesture can be used If you install android app Twisty Launcher. It is free.

Chop Twice: Hold your android phone upright with screen facing towards you and flick your wrist to the left 2 times. This will activate Camera app. You need to enable Lock Screen Gestures inside the app If it needs to work If your phone is locked.

hand gesture to launch camera app from android lock screen

If you buy a paid version of this android app, You can set any android app to open for this hand gesture. It also 2 other gestures like Face down twice, Twist twice to launch any other favorite apps. I was not able to purchase this paid android app for reason.

2. WidgetLocker Lock Screen
WidgetLocker Lock Screen android app costs $3. It has very good reviews. It is a lock screen replacement app. You can select screen themes from Ice Cream Sandwich, Gingerbread, Sense and Sense 3, Motorola, iPhone, and Rotary etc. It has bezel Swipe right for camera, Bezel Swipe left for apps. You can create widgets, app shortcuts etc on the lock screen.

WidgetLocker Lock Screen for quick access to camera

3. Custom Lock Screen Apps
Apps like Magic Locker Main, Quick Launch Social Lock Screen, iPhone Lock Screen allow you to customize your lock screen with app shortcuts for Phone, SMS, Camera etc. You can download themes to change the look & feel of the lock screen. These apps works on most android phones including Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung android phones with any android version including Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), android version 2.3 etc.

quick launch shortcuts on the android lock screen

How to launch Camera app quickly from Android Lock Screen for JellyBean 4.1 for Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2 etc

Samsung Phones like Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2 etc with Jelly Bean 4.1 can use Touchwiz settings to get Camera shortcut on the android lock screen. This works If you are using Swipe to unlock for locking your android phone. For pattern, pin or password locking, It does not work.

Go to Settings > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Options > Scroll down to see Camera Quick Access > Turn it on. To open the Camera app quickly, You need to tap & hold on the screen while rotating the device to open Camera app. It is little inconvenient to remember the gesture. You can see the gesture in the image below.

galaxy s2 s3 note 2 jellybean 4.1 quick camera access

To launch camera from android lock screen, You can use above methods.

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