8 Twitter Applications to use on Blackberry


IF you love Blackberry and want to use Twitter on your device when you are on the move than these application might be interesting to you.


Twitterberry- this is the most popular and most used Blackberry Twitter application. This is completely free application that you can download and install on your device and start tweeting. This application is uses the data network of your device so there is no need to send SMS to use this service. Using this application, you can send and view tweets. You can even replay to the tweets and there is an option where in you can send @username reply. Before the launch of this application, many people would go to Twitter web site from their mobile device and use to tweet from there. This will take lot of time but by using Twitterberry you can send tweets instantly and you can also save on your data transfer plan.

Twitterberry supports tinypic so you can even post images in your tweets. The interface of this application is very simple you can do multiple functions without navigating away from the page. This application displays user timeline and public timeline in separate pages. Twitterberry enables you to update your Twitter status. You can tweet messages up to 140 characters by clicking on the T icon present on the console. This application will also support multiple languages.

Tiny Twitter – This is another application to use on Blackberry for Twitter. This application is mostly used as an alternative to the Twitterberry. Features in this application are no less then Twitterberry and it is a Java program that will work on any Java enabled mobile phones. This application can be downloaded and installed on the device with ease. Once you have installed the application and logged in using your Twitter account details you are set to do things that you usually do on your computer. You can see your friend’s timeline and scroll down to see more tweets. There are options where in you can change the font size and sync settings. You can set the time to update your tweets for example every 4 min and many other settings that you can customize the application according to your need. Using Tiny Twitter, you can reply to the direct messages and reply to the contacts and @reply. If you want, you can even view individual contacts timeline and check URLs in the tweets. This application will even have spell checking option that is useful when you are tweet to others.

SocialScope – is the recent addition in the Blackberry Twitter application list. However, it is proving to be more powerful than the other old tools, you can tweet superfast using this application. If you are a heavy Twitter user and tweets all the time then this application is specially designed for you. User interface and controls in this application are very nice and easy to use. This application has tab functionality that enables you to switch between various pages very fast with one click. Using this application you can send direct messages, @reply and reply to your friends. You can view friends and public timelines in two separate tabs. You can enable or disable automatic update and even define the time interval between updates and have the option of alerts and notifications if you receive new tweets from friends. This is a cool application to hang out with Twitter on Blackberry.

Blackbird – this one of the simplest application to tweet from the Blackberry. This application does not support any images or other fancy work on the Twitter. It just displays tweets as plane text. This is very useful if you are not interested in the fancy works and want to get to the point that is reading the tweets. You can send tweets up to 140 characters. This application allows you to send direct messages, and reply to your friends. Using this application will save on your data plan and data transfer is quick because there are no images or other heavy data usage material. Want to save time and money, tweet ultra fast, and stay updated with your friends and followers then use BlackBird.

UberTwitter – This one another Blackberry application enables you to use Twitter. This is still in the beta stage but has all the features that a popular Twitter client for Blackberry supports and has many more options than that. Using this application, you can upload pictures to the servers that are dedicated to UberTwitter that enables you to share photos with your friends. You can even update your GTalk status using this application, Your GTalk status updates with your last tweet, which makes that your tweet is read by more people than just people following you. This application updates your location based on the network tower information that means your device need not have any GPS hardware to update your location. By this option, you can also know all the people who are tweeting around or near to you. UberTwitter also have a special feature where in you can embed videos in your tweets.

Yatca – is a brand new Twitter application for Blackberry. This is more or less like SocialScope and all the features and user interface is similar to socialscope. Yatca is more stable in the Blackberry and is even faster. You can view tweets from your friends and followers in a separate timeline and public tweets in a separate timeline. You can view tweets as they come and send direct replays and even send @reply to the tweets in both friends and public timeline. Yatca has enabled shortcuts that are very useful when you are reading tweets. Type ‘u’ to read next unread tweet or ‘n’ to view next tweet and many more shortcuts are there.  This application will deliver updates and replies directly to the device inbox.

Viigo this is a great application to use on your Blackberry daily for tweeting. This is one of the coolest applications available for Blackberry for Twitter. It separates the friends and public timeline and even replies and direct messages into separate feeds. Using this application, you can also send articles as you send them over emails to your friends. Whenever you send an article via Viigo the page gets a short Viigo URL so when your friends click on the URL that page will open directly with Viigo bar on the top. You can also do other functions like sending tweets and replies to the tweets and direct messages and @replies.

Vlingo – this is one another brand new application for Blackberry. This application has many other features and functions then just tweeting. Using this application you can send and receive email or text messages and even used as a searching tool where you can search on the web using this application. Coming to Twitter functionality this application allows you to send direct messages and @replies to the Twitter users. You can also send replies, share photos and videos using this application on Twitter. Twitter functions are performed via Viigo and Vlingo supports various other social network sites like Facebook, etc if you want to browse on the web use Vligo as a web browser. There are many other features present in this application. Try this application to appreciate its features and explore the potential it holds on your Blackberry device.


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