6 Sites to Compare Flight Prices in India



Finding the flight service that offers cheep flight charges then other services is really difficult. Most of the time the flight charges keep on changing and due the heavy competition between the flights services you will find change in flight charges if you are flying in the same route again.

To avoid confusion and to book the flight tickets easily and at the least price possible you can do some research on the Internet? Otherwise you can look at these sites that enable you to book cheep flight tickets well in advance and you can also see all the available services between two points on a particular day. Most of the sites also offer other services in addition to ticket booking like hotel booking, trains, etc., making things easier to you. These are some of the top sites in India that help you to plan and book flight tickets and also give price comparison of various flight services.

1) Yatra.com: This site provides services like Flight booking, hotel booking, trains, and cars and there are various deals offered by Yatra.com with partnership with others. Yatra.com allows the user to book domestic and International either a one way ticket and round trip according to the user’s choice of locations it brings back all the available flight results along with the flight price. Such that user can decide the flight and buy the ticket directly through Yatra.com. To narrow down the search you can specify the time and price range and it will automatically filter the results and show only flights available in the specified time and price range. Yatra.com also provide travel insurance on providing extra money and by booking tickets you get Yatra miles which you can redeem for discounts. You can print and cancel e-tickets booked on Yatra.com easily.


2) Makemytrip.com: This is one another popular site in India to book flight tickets. This site also offers services like flight booking, hotel booking, and train and offers Travel Guide services. On Makemytrip.com you can finish booking your tickets just in 6 easy steps. It searches for flights between the two locations given by the user and displays the search results in the search results you can see the route of the flight, price, timing, duration of the flight and number of stops. You can also refine the results by specifying the time range and by using the slider bar you can define the price range and it will filter the results such that you can select the flight and book tickets. On this you can see any offers provided by the flight services like discounts and any other special offers. This site also offers Holiday planning services that makes your trip easy and enjoyable.


3) Travelchacha.com: This is a fare new site that is gaining popularity now days. This site offers services like flight booking, hotel, train, car, tour packages, etc., and this is the only site that offers both insurance and forex deals. So that you can plane ahead and book tickets and arrange for insurance and forex deals before you fly. Like all other sites it also brings you all available flight services between two points specified by the user. The results are listed and every result contains the flight service name, flight number, timings, flight duration and fare. The search results are listed starting with the service that offers least price so the user can choose from the available options and book tickets directly in five easy steps.

4) Ezeego1.co.in:  This site offers services like flight booking domestic and international, hotel, car, train, holiday packages, buses, cruises, etc., and offers both insurance and forex deals in this site. This site allows you to easily compare the prices of various flights between selected locations on a specific date. All the available flights in various air lines are listed in table for easy comparison and below the table they give the detailed list of all the available flights including the flight number, timings destination, class, flight duration and number of stops. In this site you can also find offers frequently such that you can make use of the offers during your booking.

5) Travel.indiatimes.com: This site offers flight and hotel booking services like all the other sites it also gives you the list of flights between the select points on a given date. You can choose the flight and book the tickets directly not many features are offered by this site. This site also gives holiday package deals and you can specify the time or airline to shorten your search.

6) Travelguru.com: This one of the popular sites for booking flight tickets and hotels in India. Like most of the other sites it also offers the same services. Searching for the flight and booking is much same as the other sites. The coolest thing about this site is you can find better deals and discounts on this site more than any other and it also offers weekend breaks service. If you are using credit card of any leading bank then this site might offer some discount for you check it to avail the discount.


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    I guess cleartrip.com would be a nice addition here. I have been using this for a long time now and i see its rates are comparatively lower.

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