6 Google Chrome Tips


It is true that Google chrome features minimal features and allows the user to surf on the net with ease by knowing some of the interesting tips in Google Chrome user can enhance the browsing experience and navigate within and between the web pages easily. Here in are some tips for Google Chrome that come in handy while surfing and to move around the features faster.

1) Like in the Firefox you can also open new web pages in the same window by tabs. To open a new tab press Ctrl + T a new tab will open in the same window. If you wish not to save any browsing history in the browsers history you can choose incognito mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N this opens a new window that runs in incognito mode such that you won’t leave a trace of the web pages that you have visited in this window on your computer. You can also right lick on any link and choose to open in incognito window.

2) If in case you have accidentally closed a tab you can retrieve the tab immediately. To open the recently closed tab just click on the back button and hold it for few seconds all the recent visited pages will be displayed in the popup menu. Open a new tab and right click or hold on the back button from the popup menu select the tab and it gets restored. Or you can just press Ctrl + Shift + T to open the last closed tab if you press the key combination once again the perversely closed tab will open.

3) The address bar of the Google chrome serves two functions, it can be used to open a URL or just type in the keyword to search on Google or any of the default search engine. You can see suggestions returned by Google while you type in the address bar such that you can directly go to that page. It also gives matching websites from the history so that you can say keystrokes by directly selecting the URL from the suggestions.

You can also bookmark a web page quickly by clicking on the star symbol that is present next to the address bar. Security features in Google chrome has enhanced if the Google chrome detects any of the web pages that tries to send data using SSL you can know it. The address bar background color will turn gold and the URL in the address bar will appear green and a lock symbol will appear next to the address bar.


4) In the Google Chrome you can see what all the Tabs and plug-ins running in the background and also know how much memory they are using with the help of the built-in task manager. To improve the speed or to close any of the unnecessary tabs or plug-ins you can select it and press end task to close. Or you can just press Shift + Esc to open the Task manager

5) You can open a link in a specific tab by just dragging the link to the tab and the given link opens in that tab. If you wish to open the link in between two tabs then just drag the link to the space present between the tabs the links opens in the select position selected by you. By pressing Ctrl + 1 to 8 you can directly go to that tab the number represents the tab position on the tab strip in a window. Crtl + 9 take you directly to the last tab. To switch between tabs press Crtl + Tab or Crtl + Shift + Tab to move forward or backward through the tabs.

6) Crtl + B enables you toggle bookmark bar on and off and to open the history page press Crtl + J you can also link your Google account with the Google Chrome to store your browser history. If you choose to remove any of the items from the history page you can select the item and click on remove to delete it. You can also clear the history page to do that click on wrench icon that is present at the top and click on the clear browsing data.


To delete cookies click on the wrench icon select Options and in the under the hood section click on show cookies button and select remove all or you can remove any of the cookies.


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