6 Best Firewall Utilities – [Freebies]


firewallProtecting your PC from attacks is really important and this process is tricky as well. If your computer stays connected to the internet, then there isĀ  more probability for hackers to attack on your system. To minimize or even to eliminate this problem, you can install a suitable firewall utility to protect your system from hacker attacks.

Using the firewall software, you can control which program will have access to internet and block others from accessing internet. Here-in are the best Firewall utilities that are available for download for free and install them to protect your system.

ZoneAlarm Firewall: This firewall utility is developed by the ZoneAlarm. If you keep your system online always and have a fixed IP, then your system is really vulnerable for hackers attacks. To prevent that, you can install ZoneAlarm firewall software. It has five levels of protection that enables you to protect your PC from attacks and you can effectively control the programs installed on your computer from accessing internet.


You can choose which program can access internet and which not to if you are not sure about that you can set the firewall in learning mode and it will learn your Internet use and protect your system accordingly.

Avast On access Scanner: This is a part of Avast anti-virus program which gives complete system security features. The built-in firewall works well when coming to block the intrusions by the hackers using the Web Shield feature you can set the level of protection you want and also can completely customize it. You can choose which programs or URL you want to block and in the trusted list you can enter which program can access the Internet always. If any of the new programs is trying to access the internet Avast will ask you to allow the program or to refuse the permission. You can also view the log of attacks if any.


Comodo Internet Security: This firewall offers complete secure Internet connection. It protects your PC from the Internet attacks and helps you to preserve your privacy by blocking access to any of the hackers. You can also control the Internet access of the programs installed on your computer. It will secure your computer from attacks like Trojan viruses and other spywares or hackers. It has a user friendly interface and easy to use it controls everything automatically and you won’t have to be interrupted between your work.


Sygate Personal firewall: Protect your computer from unauthorized access both from the Internet and within your local network using this firewall software. You can customize the firewall to suit your needs and block any of the intrusions that otherwise cause damage or steel data from your computer. You can set the security level that you want or by using the active scans you can know what kind of protection your computer needs and set accordingly to completely protect your computer.


Tiny Personal firewall: This firewall software has a small footprint but works as effectively like other major players. This firewall has three levels of security settings you can choose accordingly and set the level. If you are not sure which level to select then leave it in the learn mode such that it studies your Internet usage and ask you to deny or allow Internet access to any of the system program that is trying to gain access to Internet. You can also block URL and by checking the certificates it blocks access to certain ports to secure the data and you can also view the log of any of the intrusions to your computer.

SecurePoint PC Firewall: This firewall will help prevent any of the internet attacks on your PC by blocking the access to hackers. This firewall virtually hides your PC on the Internet such that no one can find your PC in the first place to launch an attack. It also helps to control the Internet access to the programs on your computer.



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