6 android apps for AirPlay & DLNA


AirPlay is the Apple’s cool technology to stream content from iOS devices or iTunes to other Apple devices like Apple TV, Mac, iPad etc. Android does not have anything like this builtin but You can still achieve most of the things with android airplay apps.

With Apple AirPlay, you can stream music, videos, photos from iTunes or iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to other apple devices like Apple TV, Mac Book Pro, iPad, iPhone etc

Google Play Store has quite a few apps to do the same for your android devices. If you have android phone or tablet like Nexus 7, you can play music, photos, videos to your TV, audio speakers etc via AirPlay

New – For $35 Chromecast, You can stream YouTube, NetFlix, Google Play etc to any TV from any android phone or tablet.

Update – YouTube’s Send To TV: Read how to airplay YouTube videos to TV via Xbox, PS3, Wii U, Tivo, Blu-ray Player

1. iMediaShare Lite
iMediaShare Lite is a free android app. You can stream music, photos, videos from android device to most home devices.

You don’t need to install anything other than this android app on your android device. It will detect the devices available for streaming from your android device. You can stream videos from online videos sites including YouTube, CNN etc. You can play Picasa Photos, FaceBook content etc.

What devices you can use for AirPlay:
Internet Connected Smart TVs: Samsung, LG, Sony BRAVIA, Philips, Panasonic Viera, Toshiba, Google TV
Game Consoles: XBox 360, Sony PlayStation 3
Media Players: Apple TV, Sony Blu ray, LG Blu ray, WD TV Live, WD TV Live Hub, WD TV Live Plus, Popcorn Hour, DirecTV, Logitech Revue
Audio Players: Denon, Sonos, Onkyo, Linn, Philips Streamium, Yamaha, etc.
DLNA/UPnP: Other DLNA/UPnP compliant media players. Please check DLNA site if you have DLNA enabled devices in your home. You might have DLNA device if you recently bought internet connected TVs, blu ray players etc

2. Twonky Beam
Twonky Beam is a free android app for airplay. This is my favorite app. You can stream audio, video, photos to Apple TV, Roku, AirPort Express, UPnP/DLNA devices like TVs, BluRay Players, Xbox 360, PS3 etc. You can stream YouTube videos, popular video sites including Vimeo, CNN etc. This is like AirPlay mirroring.

You can also access media on your computer like iTunes songs & playlists.

3. doubleTwist & AirSync
doubleTwist is a free android app. It can sync iTunes music & playlists to your android phone or tablet using USB. With AirSync (costs $4.99), you can stream music, photos, videos from android device to Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3 (Play Station 3), Sonos. Enable Airplay & AirTwist under settings to use AirPlay. You will see wifi like icon when you are playing music, videos (landscape mode). Tap on this wifi like icon to select the AirPlay device. You can read more instructions here

You can also import mp3 songs, photos, videos from android device to your PC or Mac. You can subscribe podcasts and have them downloaded over 3g or WiFi automatically.

4. AllShare
If you have Samsung android phone like Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Exhibit etc or Samsung Tab etc, You can use inbuilt app AllShare or AllShare Play. Your android samsung phone or tablet comes preloaded with AllShare App. This is similar to AirPlay.

With AllShare, You can stream videos, photos, music to other AllShare/DLNA compatible devices like TVs, computers, cameras etc. You can also access media on the other devices and play them on your android phone or tablet.

With AllShare Play, when you are playing a video, it will display share icon at the top of screen if there are any DLNA devices available. You can read more about AllShare or AllShare Play faq here.

5. AirBubble & Android HiFi
Android HiFi is a free android app. AirBubble is free but AirBubble License app costs $2 bucks. You can use these apps to make your android phone or tablet as AirPlay receiver. You can play audio on to android devices from iTunes or other iOS devices. This is useful If you want to play songs in other room or outside etc. With iTunes Remote, You can control iTunes remotely without sitting near your computer.

6. ZappoTV
ZappoTV has android apps for AirPlay for Apple TV, WD TV Live, Samsung, Sony, LG TVs. These apps are not very popular but you can try them to see how they work for you.


2 thoughts on “6 android apps for AirPlay & DLNA

  1. Gracias por la recopilacion en particular el primero de la lista para mi si es el mejor el cual compre desde google play.

  2. I have a Bowers & Wilkens Zeppelin Air speaker which us the airplay protocol. Currently I can stream musiv to it from my iPod touch. I have tried a number of android Apps on my Galaxy S4 but none have worked todate. The music player on the S4 lists the Zeppelin as a device but comes back with an error “Unable to play file”. I have tried a number of android apps “airbubble, AppleTvMedia, AirPin, Beam, Samsung Link etc. Any ideas which app will work. Thanks, Gearóid.

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