5 Cool Websites for Online Video Editing


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6. Youtube Video Editor

You already upload videos to youtube. now you can edit videos on the youtube site within your browser. You can add music, rotate video clips, trim clips, add transition effects, combine multiple videos, remix videos.


You need to select youtube videos you want to edit & add them to story board. You can rotate, trim, add transitions from there. You can select audio songs, remix with selected youtube videos. It saves your work so that you can rework on them. You can have multiple projects. You can publish videos to youtube when you are done editing.

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If you are a  YouTube fanatic or a movie freak and love video editing, here are some cool websites which enable you to edit videos online without having to download any software.


Jaycut is an online video editing tool. You can upload videos, photos and music files in any format all at once and start editing the video according to your choice. You can even add captions to the videos and share with your family and friends after you are done with editing part.


The best part of Jaycut is it is completely free and there is no need to download and install anything. Videos can be posted in various sites of your wish. You can even share your video with users online.


stashspaceThis online tool has the feature where you can edit recorded digital video file or you can record video from the digital camcorder. Before doing this you need to register with the site. Stashbox offers high-quality recording by automatically selecting the setting that allows best recording quality. In this site, you can create movie by cutting and removing clips from various videos. This has a special feature of scene tagging that helps in organizing home video library. Thumbnail feature helps in representing the scene on the movie so that you can go directly to the scene instead of going back and forward to see the scene you want to watch.



In this site, we can directly give the URL of the videos and start editing the video according to our wish. This site enables to edit videos on the sites like YouTube and other online videos. Registration is required, it is completely free to use and register. After editing the video you can directly upload it to various sites like YouTube, Google video, Dailymotion and many more. Edited video is stored online and at the end of the process, a link is provided; by clicking on the link, you can directly see the video.


Kaltura is an open source online video editor. By using this tool, we can remix videos and photos. Using this tool, we can import videos and music files from the Internet while editing. We can add translations, subtitles, soundtracks to the video or photo clips.


It enables us to choose video and audio layers. After editing is done, you can download the video, share it with your friends, or post it on various sites.


otm-logoThis online video edit tool enables you to edit videos in various different formats. Upload the video file choose the styles and animations from the gallery and edit your video or you can choose your own styles to edit the video. This tool offers the choice of cutting unwanted scenes and makes a continuous video. Most of the youtube users use this tool to edit videos online. After editing the video, you can directly post it on to youtube or many other sites or you can order a DVD of the video you edited.

what is your best video editing site? What site do you use mostly to edit videos in the browser?


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