3 Best Sites to Sell and Rent Books


Internet is the best place to search for books around the world. You can find books which are not available at your local book store or press on internet. There are many sites dedicated to serve people with their need for books. If you are looking for selling used books or want to rent books online here are some of the best sites to look at. Some of these sites also help to renew the nature by planting a tree for every book that you rent or sell on these sites.


This is one of the most popular site among the university students for selling and renting textbooks. You can search for books by ISBN number, author and title in this site. After you find the book that you are looking for you can just rent it online and it will be shipped to your door step. After you are done with the book you can return the book back to the source for free and get a return. You can also place any used books at this site for selling. Anyone looking to buy your book can offer a good deal and buy your book. Remember by renting or selling a book at this site you are also planting a tree to make the nature greener.

This is another good site to rent and sell books online. You can also buy books at very cheap price then the label price at this site. If you are looking to rent a book online instead you can buy that book at this site and sell it back again. In this way you can save a lot then simply renting the book for a period of time. Find books by ISBN number, title and author name, if you are not sure about any of these you can browse through the collection of books in various categories.

This is a great site to find book for rent. The best thing about this site is it charges no late fees on the rented books; you can use the book as long as you want by paying monthly rental fee. Rents in this site are low when compared to other sites. You can find many famous and rare book titles in this site and all the books will be shipped to and fro free of cost.


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