3 apps to send receive SMS on Computer / Tablet / iPad / Browser


We send & receive lot of text messages on our phones. Do you want to send & receive sms messages from your android tablet, iPad, computer or any browser using your phone number? This might be helpful If you are reading a book on your tablet, you are working on computer and don’t want to switch between computer and phone all the time. Also, You can compose and read text messages easily on the big screen tablet or computer.

With these android apps, You can send & receive SMS from computer or tablet using android phone number. Receiver sees text coming from your phone number. They also sync SMS back to your phone so that you can see entire conversation later If needed. Your regular carrier SMS rates will apply if any.

3 android apps to send/receive text messages from Computer/Browser/Tablet/iPad

1. MightyText
MightyText features include instant notification of new SMS messages on computer or android tablets. Quick reply option to send replies. Incoming call notification on desktop or tablet. Send MMS picture messages from tablet or PC. It syncs SMS back and forth between phone & tablet or PC. You can sync photos, videos

You can read more about MightyText here. It works on all android phones including Galaxy S2, S3, S4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Nexus 4, Nexus 7. You can’t send SMS from iPad though. You need to install MightyText app on both phone & tablet.

send receive sms from android tablet

2. FoneLink
FoneLink android app is from BlueStacks, popular for running android apps on PC. You can send, receive messages, sync messages, view android phone photos on Computer, tablets & even iPad. Install FoneLink android app on your phone and select Google account you want to use.

On your Computer browser or tablet/iPad browser, Go to FoneLink website and sign in with same Google account to start syncing messages. You can use this on Kindle Fire also. You don’t need to install any apps on the tablets or Windows Computer or Mac. You don’t need to be on the same local network.

send sms from ipad using android phone number

3. AirDroid
AirDroid lets you manage your android phone from desktop or tablet browser via wifi without connecting usb cable to your phone. It has slick user interface. You can send & receive SMS from your computer’s big screen. You can do lot of other things with AirDroid. It is a must have app.

send receive sms from computer browser via wifi

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