4 sites to buy used or refurbished unlocked phones for cheap


I was looking to buy a new or used windows phone like Nokia Lumia 800 or Samsung Focus to try the new windows phone interface. Quick Google search displayed mostly official sites like AT&T, T-mobile that require 2 year activation. I already have a Samsung Galaxy S2, I wanted cheaper used or refurbished phone without any contract with the carrier. I found sites that buy used phones from consumers mostly. Sites like Gazelle don’t sell used phones.

eBay has a wide range of used or refurbished cell phones with Android, iOS, Windows Phone. My search on ebay resulted in about 1500 listings. There are lot of phones to choose from.

I am listing some of the used unlocked phones below on eBay.

Windows Phone 7 phones on eBay
-Nokia Lumia 800 Unlocked Used Phone
-Samsung Focus Unlocked Used Phone
-HTC Titan Unlocked Refurbished Phone

Android phones on eBay
-Samsung Galaxy S, S2, Infuse phones
-Motorola Razr, Atrix & HTC Aria, Vivid etc

Also, iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S etc.

All eBay purchases give you piece of mind with refund policies. You can look at seller reputation and feedback before buying any product on eBay.

2. Glyde
Glyde has used android phones & iPhones. Glyde is similar to eBay without bidding. You can buy most recent popular android phones, iPhones etc from Glyde.

3. CowBoom
CowBoom has used, refurbished, preowned Samsung android phones.

4. Cellular Country
Cellular Country has good listings of preowned cell phones. I found the prices to be competitive. It has huge variety of phones. You can buy locked phones that work on that particular carrier and save money also.

if you want to buy refurbished or used phones with 2 yr contract, carrier sites are best option.

AT&T has refurbihsed phones starting from $0.01 with 2 year contract. These phones include iPhone 3GS, Samsung Focus, HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy S etc.

Verizon has preowned certified phones with 2yr contract. I found 17 types of used phones including Droid 4 by Motorola, Samsung Stratosphere etc

T-Mobile has good listings of refurbished phones including Nokia Lumia 710, HTC WildFire etc. These phones are free with contract.

I could not find any good refurbished phones at Sprint.

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