12 Cheat Sheets a Developer Must Have


paper-on-deskCheat sheets are cool source to look at if you are looking for a quick solution while you code. Ever programmer will face a situation when he has to refer things for finding a ring tag to use or know ways to develop the code quickly. Referring books and sites might do you some good but takes precious time out of you. Cheat Sheets on the other hand are nothing but compressed form of books which you can use them for quick reference on your table. It is a very nice habit of making your own cheat sheet including common problems you face and solutions for that. If you do not have time or strength to make your own cheats then you can check out these 12 cheat sheets every developer must have on his table.

These cheat sheets cover wide range of programming languages like HTML. CSS, XML. jQuery, Python, WordPress, etc. So you can quickly grab the cheat for the program you are working on and have a quick reference. These cheats will help you speed up your coding process and also be handy for revising your programming knowledge when you are free.

(X)HTML Elements and Attributes


This cheat sheet covers most of the common tags and attributes which most of the developers look for. With a brief description of each tag/attribute it is very informative and handy to use every day.

CSS Cheat Sheet (V2)


You can download this CSS Cheat Sheet as a png image so you can easily print and place it on your desk. It covers all the major elements, selectors, media types, units and also has a box model as example.

PHP Cheat Sheet (V2)

You can also download PHP Cheat Sheet as an image file and print it for a quick reference sheet for your PHP programming needs. It covers common functions, regular expression syntax, date format arguments, etc.

MooTools Basics Cheat Sheet


MooTools Basics Cheat Sheet covers cheats for JavaScript Framework. This cheat sheet covers important aspects like element, utilities, core, native, request and class. This is available as a PDF file and has only one page which covers all the basic elements for reference.

Prototype.js JavaScript Cheat Sheet


It includes all the needful elements, form, event, string, document.viewpoint, utility methods, etc. It also has a visual example explaining Offsets/Dimensions used in JavaScript.

Visual JQuery

This is an online version of cheat sheet for quick reference for jQuery related queries. You can directly select the section you want to look for and browse through following sections to help solve your problem with an example.

MYSQL Cheat Sheet


Added Bytes has composed many useful and handy cheat sheets to help developers perform better and faster. MYSQL Cheat Sheet has much useful and helpful content that can be used for quick reference in MYSQL.

The WordPress Help Sheet

WordPress is the most preferred blog platform for many webmasters. If you have any problem using your WordPress site then you can take help of this cheat sheet for quick trouble shooting. It includes template files, PHP snippets for header and templates and other extra stuff. It is also available in many other languages.

The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

If you are looking for ways to include snippets from styling and other advanced options in WordPress. Then this cheat sheet can help you handle things quickly. You can use this sheet as a reference or to improve your knowledge about WordPress.

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet (V2)


This cheat sheet contains most of the regular expressions that you require while coding. This sheet is not specific to any language in particular.

Python Cheat Sheet

This is a one page PNG image covering most useful information for developers for programming using Python language.

Django Cheat Sheet


Django Cheat Sheet is very helpful for quick reference and troubleshooting Django programmers. It covers information about templates, models and forms with short explanation at required areas.


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